Student Leadership

Students at Pearl Haskew are taught to become leaders. When the students enter our doors in kindergarten, we begin to foster and nurture leadership qualities within every student. Students have the opportunities to become safety patrol members, run our daily news program, The Knightly News,  lead special programs, and lead school projects. We encourage students to use their creativity to bring innovative ideas to their peers, learn how to communicate effectively, uphold themselves with honesty and integrity, build confidence, learn conflict resolution and learn how to handle respno. 

2023-2024 Red Ribbon Leader

Congratulations to Emerson Newsome for being chosen to be Pearl Haskew's Red Ribbon Leader for the 2023-2024 school year! He will lead the school in a community project. The theme this year is "We love our FIRST RESPONDERS". 



Red Ribbon Leader

In the Fall a student is chosen to lead our Red Ribbon school-wide project. The student is chosen from a committee who are looking for characteristics of a leader by showing qualities of dedication, integrity and honesty, courage, creativity, responsibility, and determination. The student gets to plan, implement, execute, and dedicate a project to a part of our community. In the past students have chosen to honor our Veterans or honor our local Nurses.

Learning Leading

In the Spring a student is chosen as our Learning Leading recipient. This student is chosen by showing outstanding character, academic excellence, and leadership within our school and the community.